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EBM compilation by HIV+


-cold ebm & minimal inferno_selected by HIV+ video teaser by Denied:


Mastered by Cagex (Neon Cage Experiment)

available in september on Divine Comedy Records (CD digipack limited 1.000/Ref DC052)

Distribution : Caustic rec (Spain & USA), Season Of Mist/Soundworks (France), Audioglobe (Italy), Ant Zen (Germany)and many worlwide vpc.


1.BETA EVERS_adamant_4.53
2.THE HACKER & HIV+_növö disko (MILLIMETRIC rmx)_3.55
3.HURTACKER_demi sang_4.35
4.BAK XIII_manifeste_3.43
5.VOID KAMPF_karmeliet_3.30
6.TRISOMIE21_the sweet running over(MILLIMETRIC unpublished mix)_4.28
7.32CRASH _isomodia (egoboost mix by IMPLANT)_4.25
8.CHRISTOPHER KAH_me_destruit_5.30
9.COMMUTER vs LAAG_scar_4.41
10.PLASTIC MACHINE_elle s'imagine (night version)_5.20
11.CLUB AMOUR_korrumpiert (feat. Samantha Fixx)_5.36
12.EVA3 feat. Riotmiloo_sweet abuse (P. MÜNCH rmx)_3.58
13.NÖVÖ_shadow past_4.12
14.ASSISTED BRAIN BY O feat. Soph' Wäks_eisbär_4.45
15.NORMA LOY_romance (MIMETIC rmx)_4.15
16.NORMOTONE_grey years-wasted nights ( feat KL vocals)_4.48
17.CRUISE [Ctrl] - crow's Nest (IMMINENT mix)_4.04

total time 77 minutes

Following the succes of the first Electronic Manifesto compilation, we have once again decided to pay homage to the pioneers of dark electronic musics from the post-punk years.
It is with the same requirement in the selection of unreleased tracks that we call upon the cold and minimalist spirit that runs through the most brilliant and original works of The Normal, Cabaret Voltaire, Clock Dva, The Neon Judgement, Nitzer Ebb of the very first first Human League or of Ultravox - John Foxx era. It is also a search for this so particular sound which haunts the mythical albums “movement” by New Order and “seventeen seconds” by The Cure. This project is an ode to the blackness of the beginning of the eighties magnified by the most futuristic technology.

Postée par havoc le samedi 16 juin 2007 à 13:25
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HIV+ play exclusive concert

Next HIV+ concert at Nocturna Club II/Barcelona (saturday, July 28 th/SPAIN) with Dj Dogme electro noise night (live + dj sets).

-FILM/MOVIE with HIV+ on Dailymotion & YouTube>

HIV+ "pulsar 23" realised by RKO

HIV+ at Infest U.K festival 2005

Postée par havoc le samedi 09 juin 2007 à 16:33
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HIV+ NEWS 2007

NEWS april 2007

Actually I work on my new album "we are all haunted houses" with cold wave, minimal noise & old school electro influences with additional acoustic instruments (bass, guitar, keyboards and voices ).

This album based on the concept of children's nightmares created by the artist Wladd_Mutagene.

Pictures of last HIV+ live act at SLIMELIGHT /LONDON/UK (3rd March 2007)

I will select soon the tracklisting of ELECTRONIC MANIFESTO II compilation with the best unrealeased tracks of Ebm and Retro Electro European artists (Available at the end of 2007 on Divine Comedy records french label).

Postée par havoc le mardi 17 octobre 2006 à 18:30
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