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Pedro was born in Spain in the late 60's during the fascist regim but it was in South of France where he began his path in Dark music & E.B.M sound. In winter 1988/89 he was resident DJ of the biggest Dark/Gothic clubs in Southern France & consolidated his career at TROLLEYBUS of Marseille with the mythic fetish-industrial festivals named ARMAGEDDON, which started since 1993 and where many bands and djs of the electro-industrial scene have performed.

As a DJ he has mixed at a number of techno club events with people such as LAURENT GARNIER, JEFF MILLS, LAURENT HO, MANU LE MALIN and performed harsh dj set in industrial shows with IMMINENT STARVATION, NOISEX, SONAR/DIVE, THE HACKER, CELLULOID MATA, LTNO, MILLIMETRIC, MANUFACTURA and CONVERTER.

In early 2000 the Harsh Industrial Virus Positive began to submit his demos to different labels. The first record label interested in his rhythmic noise works was Divine Comedy Records (France). The european and international press has praised each and every H.I.V.+ music production, influenced by industrial noise pioneers: ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO and bands such as THROBBING GRISTLE, SUICIDE, SPK, CABARET VOLTAIRE & harsh noise artists as SONAR, ELECTRONICAT or PANSONIC.

Since that moment, H.I.V.+ has begun to invade the minds of distorted music fans all over the world ; beginning with his first noise manifesto "Hypnoise Movement". This CD includes collaborations with EMMANUEL HUBAUT-LTNO singer & Jean Marc MONTERA (Which played with THURSTON MOORE 's solo albums).

In 2001 he released his second album, "Abstract & Harsh Ironworks", which includes remixes by MLADA FRONTA, A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR or SULPHURIC SALIVA.

This industrial & mystic trilogy was completed in 2002 with the release of the masterpiece "Censored Frequencies & Other Mystic Territories (Vs. WIRED BRAIN)" which includes never before released tracks and re mixes by SONAR, MIMETIC, LITH or french EBM project E.S.R.

Beginning in 2003, the mighty DIRK IVENS (THE KLINIK/DIVE/SONAR) contacted Pedro to ask for an H.I.V.+ remix version of "What You Got" from SONAR, it was included in the album "Volt Revisited", published by Hands Productions (Germany).

Toward the end of 2003, H.I.V.+ has collaborated in noise music compilations for Geska Records (Canada), Parametric (Fr.) or Hive Records (USA). Has done re mixes for FLINT GLASS, WIRED BRAIN, EMPUSAE, LITH or D.FORMA and has selected tracks for the compilation "Armageddon’s Nights" to be published in France by Divine Comedy Records.

The north american label NEIN Records which has decided to re-issue a Limited Edition CD of the now extinct first two H.I.V.+ albums. In 2004 H.I.V.+ have toured in America in this their first "Industrial Virus Tour" (USA/Mexico/Canada), he remixed big electro-dark acts as HOCICO 's " born to be hated_picture red vynil EP" and appears on different compilations (BLC, GESKA or LA CHAMBRE FROIDE).

At the end of the year 2004, HIV + signs on the Polish label BLACK FLAMES and produced an amazing new album to be called "Rotten beat manifesto" with electro remixes by BAK XIII , FLINT GLASS, MUCKRACKERS & SHIZUKA or BABYLONE CHAOS .

Besides albums on various labels HIV + produced also limited editions for confidential underground labels (3 Patttes Rec./Belgium) and in taken out some Split album with D.FORMA, MELEK-THA or MUCKRACKERS at present with extreme noise act MOURMANSK150 (Univers Carceral on Divine Comedy rec.).

In 2005 HIV+ played at INFEST UK (Bradford) with FIXMER MAC CARTHY, COVENANT, POWDER_PUSSY and PUNCH_INC.During the end of this year Pedro working with STENDECK on the next cd "Overdose kill me"(which contains remixes by Saverio Evangelista from MSB/ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, NOVO and DATARAPER) available on the new spanish label CAUSTIC Records.

Actually he work for the dark spanish magazine ELEGY IBERICA and he wrote an old school ebm track with french techno artist THE HACKER "novo disko" (appears on V/A Electronic Manifesto 1 + 2 also on Caustic Records). The new material on OPN will be the last HIV+'s work because he decided to stop its project, ... Harsh Industrial Virus is dead ! _April 30 th 2008_

Contact : dj.pedro@ifrance.com

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