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2006 - Overdose kill me on Caustic Records
2006- Ufo Pulsations on 3 Patttes Records
2005- UNIVERS CARCERAL vs Mourmansk 150 & Babylone Chaos on Divine Comedy Records (DC 39)
2004 - Rotten Beat Manifesto (Black Flames rec.)
2004 - Interferencias (label 3 Pattes/ Fr.) mini CD 3 inch strictly limited 101 copies !
2003 - Hypnoise Movement & Harsh Ironworks (Special Edition Deluxe A5 size package CD / Nein Rec.)
2003 - Empire of chaos a split CD with spanish techno-industrial band D-FORMA on KUBERNOISE.
2002 - Censored Frequencies & other mystic territories (cd Divine Comedy rec.019)
> Sold Out
> reedited in 2002
2001 - Abstract & Harsh Ironworks (cd Divine Comedy rec.010) > Sold Out
2001 - Hypnoise Movement (cd Divine Comedy rec.006) > Sold Out


- novo disko
(with THE HACKER) on V/A Electronic Manifesto I (Caustic records/Spain)

- vicious death
(vs Stendeck) on V/A New imput noise (Hellektro Empire/Italia)

- fear (with Melek-tha) on compilation Noxious Art (Audiotrauma/France)

- suck my pain on V/A In This Cold Terrific Room (label La Chambre Froide)

- body electric on sampler ORKUS # 11 (November/Germany)

- Havoc 2027 (Flint Glass - RMX) in compilation label HIVE records (U.S.A)

- Havoc 2027 (vs Wired Brain) on Industrial Nation sampler 2 (Industrial Nation mag/USA)

- Strange Noise (vs. Sensory Mindfields) v/a compil 3 cds Parametric rec.

- Havoc 2027 (version with WIRED BRAIN) in V/A sampler Sephiroth (Geska rec./Canada )

- Strange noise (Blackfire mix), La fin du monde (vs EMPUSAE) in V/A ARMAGEDDON REPORT (compilation with SALT, MLADA FRONTA, CELLULOID MATA, MIMETIC...) on Divine Comedy

- Moskow beat (original ) in V/A sampler Red (Walnut Locust Rec.)


Tribute to J.M.Dauvergn

- Burn Addict (Sulphuric Saliva & Apophasis RMX) sur v/a Ducasse (Maldoror rec./spain)

- Genocid in Lhassa (Wired Brain - RMX) sur v/a compil. Seducer Mag (Germany)

- Apex Maximus sur v/a compil. Triton (Germany)

- Taliban's Law (Wired Brain - RMX) sur v/a sampler Elegy (France)

- Genocid in Lhassa (live with Wired Brain) sur v/a sampler Elegy (France)

- Burning up (vs. Sulphuric Saliva) sur v/a sampler TRAX

- Doors of perception (Flint Glass - RMX) sur v/a Tribute to J.M. Dauvergne (CD. Divine Comedy rec.022)

Trees on Oscillations II

- Break it Loud sur v/a Trees on Oscillations II (DC.009)

- Burning up (Sulphuric Saliva vs. Erszebeth) sur v/a sampler D-Side #6

Trees on Oscillations
- Armageddon (Mauri-RMX) & Burning up (vs. Sulphuric Saliva) sur v/a Trees on Oscillations (DC.04)
> Sold Out

REMIXES by HIV+ for other bands : HOCICO "born to be hated (RMX by HIV+)" on E.P (Out Of Line/2004)
NITZER EBB "let your body learn (HIV+ rmx)" on CD "Rotten beat manifesto"(Black Flames)
DEUS EX MACHINA "corrosivo (HIV+ rmx)" (Out Of Line/2006)
GLIS " release the pain (HIV+rmx)" on CD "Nemesis" (Alfa Matrix /2004)
SONAR "got the message (HIV+ -rmx) on "Volt revisited" 2 E.P (Hands/2003)
LITH " attraction (gravity rmx by HIV+)" on CD "tribal end" (DC/2004)
EMPUSAE "dark alchemy (harsh floor rmx by HIV+)" on CD "Funestus" (Divine Comedy records/2002)
CELLULOID MATA "honey baby 2 (statik rmx HIV+)" on "Armageddon's report (Divine Comedy rec./2003)
FLINT GLASS "hierakonpolis (click n' noise rmx by HIV+)" on CD (Brume/2002)
MAURI "click it like a boom (HIV+ rmx)" on CD "breathless" (Kubernoise/2002)
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